Fear For Sale 4: Phantom Tide (FINAL) 402.51 MB

Fear For Sale 4: Phantom Tide (FINAL) 402.51 MB. Save White’s family from the dreadful poltergeist, controlling water in Fear For Sale 4: Phantom Tide PC Game! Since Julia White died on the boat when it exploded, water around her husband Adrian and daughter Katie acting strange. They hear voices in the water, some strange warnings… And now water took away Adrian White, and little Katie left all alone! Only you, Emma Roberts, journalist, specializing in paranormal phenomena from the Fear for Sale Magazine, can save the day now! Download this paranormal Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, collect Antic Dolls Collection (including 35 unique exemplars), Seer Collection(36 toys) and Conchologist Collection (35 sea shells) and uncover the mystery of strange poltergeist!


Title Post: Fear For Sale 4: Phantom Tide (FINAL) 402.51 MB
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