Limits of Sanity: Paradise Island (FINAL) 346.02 MB

Limits of Sanity: Paradise Island (FINAL) 346.02 MB. I need to get this lamp open. Hey, little guy… Maybe I can find you a snack. It looks like a slot for a punch card. Hmm, I wonder what this electrical panel is for… This box is really taped up good. This shape looks pretty familiar. Part of the mailbox is missing. I wonder if I could float that key to the top… I shouldn’t rummage through the gardener’s stuff right in front of him. It doesn’t look like that gate is going to budge. I can’t get into the clinic without a punch card. Alarm Protocol. If the emergency alarm is activated for any reason, it can be manually deactivated from the electrical panel in the main courtyard. I need to replace this bulb so I can turn off the alarm. Hmm, how can I reach that?
Wait… where did the key go? Freud always loved to smoke cigars.


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